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Client journals are entered in Accounts Mode in the Receivables menu and has several important uses. The client journal can be used to make an adjustment to a client’s balance or to add accrued interest if the client has not paid their account in a timely manner.

If a client receipt or client credit transaction has been entered incorrectly and needs to be reversed, the SapphireOne tools has a function called ‘Reverse Transaction’ which will automatically reverse the selected transaction and create a client journal. The journal will automatically allocate to the client receipt or client credit and will clear the allocation details from the previously allocated invoice, putting the invoice back to an allocated state.

A client journal is automatically created when a foreign currency receipt transaction is allocated to an invoice with a different FX exchange rate. Each time the allocation is changed a client journal will create an FX loss or gain journal.

Client journals can be assigned a workflow which will automatically notify one or more users within the organisational chart, each user who receives the message or email will be prompted to review and authorise the transaction. Once a user has authorised the journal it can flow on to the next person for authorisation if required.

An unlimited number of documents may be attached to the client journal, these documents are available from transaction history for the life of the data file.

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