Accounts Mode – Inquiry Screen

Accounts – Receivables

Transaction Inquiry

SapphireOne movie demonstrates the accounts mode receivables menu in detail the transaction inquiry which contains all your client transactions i.e. client invoices, client receipts, client credits, client journals.

Allocation Inquiry

SapphireOne Allocation movie gives you a live example how to allocate client transactions whether that be 100% allocated or partially allocated

Client Inquiry

SapphireOne Client Inquiry feature provides a detailed movie going through all the various pages of a client i.e. managing your client from credit control, point of view, attaching documents and doing CRM

Class Inquiry

SapphireOne Class Inquiry is a single repository for all client classes. This movie will demonstrate how and why you will set up and use client classes.

Accounts – Payables

Transaction Inquiry

SapphireOne Accounts payable transaction inquiry is the single repository for all transaction pertaining to our vendors .e.g. vendor invoice , vendor payments, vendor journal types, vendor credit etc. all contained in this movie.

Allocation Inquiry

SapphireOne Accounts Payable allocation inquiry, this movie gives you the example how to allocate a vendor transactions e.g. a vendor payment being allocated to one vendor invoice or multiple invoices in one easy to use in allocation inquiry screen.

Vendor Inquiry

SapphireOne Accounts Payable Vendor Inquiry is a single point to review all vendor details. Examples : The SapphireOne Terms page which allows the storage of a vendor’s swift code, BSB, and account number facilitating the easy payment by electronic transfer through the vendor , all covered within the SapphireOne accounts payable vendor inquiry movie

Class Inquiry

SapphireOne accounts payable vendor class inquiry allows for the easy placements of vendors into a particular class grouping, this class grouping allows for the alibility to quickly separate a vendor by a particular class or demographic. This class can also be reported on, search on and sorted by a class inquiry , this movie contains examples of the above within SapphireOne

Accounts – General Ledger

Transaction Inquiry

SapphireOne General Ledger Transaction Inquiry provides a repository for the viewing inquiry reporting sorting and searching all current general ledger journals provided in the SapphireOne general ledger transaction inquiry movie.

General Ledger Inquiry

SapphireOne General ledger inquiry is the single inquiry to view sort search modify report all general ledger accounts contained within the SapphireOne general ledger inquiry movie.

FX General Ledger Inquiry

SapphireOne FX general ledger inquiry is an identical to a general ledger inquiry with the same capabilities, except it only shows those general ledgers that have been used for foreign exchange (FX). Provided in this FX general ledger inquiry movie

Class Inquiry

SapphireOne General ledger class inquiry plays a very important role in the structure of the general ledger reporting provides a trial balance, profit and loss, income statements, balance sheet. The general ledger class inquiry is a single repository for all general ledger classes
The movie provides gives, a  comprehensive understanding inside the general ledger class inquiry.