Keyboard shortcuts are designed to make routine computer functions quicker and easier. The problem is, most users don’t know them! Shortcuts serve to eliminate additional steps that might involve your mouse or selecting extra menus.


(Command Shift H) Hide/Show Toolbar.

(Command Shift Y) Advanced Find.

Use the Control key for PC. Use the Command key for Mac.

KEY Function
A Select All
B Show Last
C Copy
D Actions
E Access Lock
F Find
G Show Subset
H Show All
I Detailed Order
J Omit Subset
K Sapphire Tools
L Look
M Modify
N New
P Print
Q Quit
R Layout Query
T Sapphire Query
V Paste
W Close Screen
X Cut
Y Detailed Query
Z Undo
? Financials Help
/ New Line Item, Contact etc
. Close Screen
Cmd or Ctrl Keys Pages on the Page Drop Down Menu
1 1st Page (Usually Details)
2 2nd Page (Usually More Details)
3 3rd Page
4 4th Page
5 5th Page
6 6th Page
7 7th Page
8 8th Page
9 9th Page

Shortcuts for Modes

F1 Accounts
F2 Inventory
F3 Projects
F4 Assets
F5 Payroll
F6 Management
F7 Utilities
F8 Workbook