TSPlus is an affordable and efficient Microsoft Citrix alternative, offering remote desktop and application delivery for small businesses to large enterprises.

Benefits of TSPlus

Remote Desktop Access

Give staff remote desktop access to their office PCs in no time.

Web Browser Access

Easily access the SapphireOne Server through a web browser.

Connection From All Devices

Instant browser access from Computers, Tablets and Mobiles.

Simple Installation

No complex server set-up or licenses required.

Supports Remote Offices

Create seamless remote office and work-from-home environments.

Secure Web Tunnel

Secure and reliable built-in HTTPS Web Server and SSH Server.

“Our staff find TSPlus very straightforward. Because it has the HTML5 Client, you don’t have to install any complex software onto the machine, you just need a web browser to access the SapphireOne Client Server. Overall it has made managing remote Server access much easier.”

– James Brown, Bordo International.

Work from anywhere with TSPlus and SapphireOne.