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Vendor Inquiry – Purchases

Vendor Inquiry purchases process in SapphireOne

Mountains of traditional paper invoices and manual vendor inquiries can slow productivity in your company’s account payable (AP) department.

SapphireOne ERP Accounting software is a powerful application suite that addresses these issues. In the main application of SapphireOne there is easy access to the AccountsPayable section where you enter transactions, have a real-time view of the whole process, search and retrieve vendor invoices, payments and more.  This facilitates to improve productivity, save time and reduce cost in order to improve cash flow.  

Vendor Inquiry Purchases Process in SapphireOne:

  • In SapphireOne there are three distinct ways to conduct vendor inquiry: from Accounts module, Inventory module and Job Project module.
  • In Job project module, from Costs section, the Vendor inquiry menu exposes the list of available vendors. There is also option to search for particular vendor in details.
  • In Inventory module, from the Purchase section, the Vendor inquiry menu also presents the list of available vendors just like Job Project module.
  • Vendor inquiry is also available in Accounts module which can be accessed from the Payable section’s Vendor inquiry menu.

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Vendor Inquiry Purchases Movie:

SapphireOne vendor inquiry purchase section also makes it easy to conduct Payment Inquiry to check the status of your payment. This movie demonstrates how to use Vendor Inquiry in the Purchases Menu of SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Accounting Software solution.

Vendor Inquiry


duration – 30:34

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