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Transaction Inquiry Process in SapphireOne

The General Ledger transaction inquiry screen is the single repository where all current general ledger journals can be viewed. All fields contained in the general ledger table can be included on the custom inquiry screen and can be arranged in any desired order by simply clicking on the header and dragging to the left or right, the line height can also be customised. You can also save unlimited sets of different views, for example in one view you may choose to include the common ID, date in, internal reference, sequence number, memo etc. On another set you could include any of the custom fields in the transaction.From the Tools menu you can perform several tasks such as posting or reversing the journal, show standing transactions and also create a quick report. Quick Report is WYSIWYG report writer where you can drag and drop any field from the table to create your own report.

From the General Ledger custom inquiry you can subset by selecting several transactions and using the option tool to show subset (Cmd G) or save subset (Cmd S). You can do a find (Cmd F) and also use advanced find (Cmd shift Y).
Advanced find allows you to search on multiple fields simultaneously where you use commands such as equals, not equals, contains, does not contain, is greater than, is less than, is greater than or equal to, is less than or equal to. You can find records in the current selection, or find in a fresh search.
You can also save the advanced find query to use in the future.

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