Bordo Europe BVBA is part of the Bordo group which consists of facilities in Australia, Europe and the USA.  They are leaders in industrial cutting tools and accessories specialising in thread inserts and thread restoration programs. Annelies is their European Business Co-ordinator and supervises the Belgium warehouse with over 2500 stock items. She has been with the company for 10 years.

“Managing inventory was my main concern. With the movement of products around Europe it’s imperative we have tight controls and access to key real-time data.” Annelies explains.

SapphireOne Inventory Module gives you a better view of stock and improves warehouse efficiency
Annelies Van den Eede, Bordo Europe

Bordo Industrial Tools

SapphireOne Inventory Management System gives you a better view of stock and improves warehouse efficiency

Bordo Europe has multiple distribution clients around Europe. “Our warehouse experiences continuous transfer and shipping so it is important we have up-to-date information. SapphireOne provides us with the exact location of inventory and a clear view of stock levels available.” Annelies also mentions the big advantage for them is the user-friendly interface with the ability to easily view and record movements between clients.

SapphireOne has an Inventory Management Module that automates and smoothly integrates warehousing, picking and packing, labelling for shipping plus stock control. “Every step of the way in our distribution process we are linked using live data via portable barcode scanners, our smart phones or tablets. This ensures I have accurate real-time tracking of stock at my fingertips and helps with quality control, theft and damages that may occur within different countries.”

To avoid delays of fulfillment and to help improve efficiency, Annelies relies on the streamlining of processes which in turn she points out ultimately reduces costs. “The majority of our products are purchased in the EU with different delivery times, so we have an automatic re ordering system of our popular items when levels reach a minimum.

“Our Bordo head office in Melbourne uses the SapphireOne multi-company application allowing them complete transparency of our operations in Europe. The benefits of one shared, centralised database is they can, in all the offices around the world, access stock levels, transfer and fulfil orders.” The majority of purchasing for Bordo Europe is coordinated through head office.

This feature in SapphireOne allows Bordo Australia to manage multiple companies in the one data file without incurring further costs of purchasing licences for each additional company.

SapphireOne ERP Accounting Software adjusts and automates landed costs and calculations

“When distributing in Europe you are looking at potentially 44 different tax markets and multiple currencies” Annelies explains. “All inventory in our warehouse have default currencies with different buy and sell rates. This ensures we have no discrepancies working with the different European and global markets.”

“All purchases and sales processed in foreign currencies are automatically converted to our base currency on the exchange rate effective at the time of the transaction. Any gains or losses due to currency fluctuations are posted into our general ledger.”

Because the warehouse has an extensive range of stock, the saving of time in administration and data entry was a key benefit.

Annelies also recognised “Having an accurate cost of goods sold provides me with the tools for better profitability analysis on different stock items. Real-time currency conversions also enable us to effortlessly place orders either locally or worldwide.”

Each item is displayed with the standard sales price and foreign currency price. “Dealing with multiple countries we have to be flexible and adjust our prices accordingly. Being able to set up tailored pricebooks for customers and suppliers ensures fast, accurate and reliable processing and invoicing.”

Bordo Europe has received support from the SapphireOne team throughout the years but find the Inventory Management Module easy to operate and understand. Annelies is very satisfied with the product and says “Warehouse, stock control and dealing with the complexities of multiple markets and currencies is straightforward with SapphireOne”.