Herbert Ypma studied an arts and science degree at Adelaide University, then moved on to become a professional windsurfer. It wasn’t till his early 20’s after studying design Herbert set up his first business as the Founder of Interior Architecture magazine. After 10 years with the magazine he branched out into his highly acclaimed HIP Hotel series which inspired a new genre of travel publishing. From there he continued to write equally successful and award-winning booksincluding RSVP: Simple Sophistication, Effortless Entertaining and Amazing Places Cost Nothing.

“With the change in business direction I needed a software accounting system that would grow with me, be adaptable and save time,” says Herbert.

SapphireOne offered a fast, complete business accounting system with contacts functionality

Herbert Ypma, Hip Hotels Founder, Photographer and Interior Designer

SapphireOne Business Accounting System integrates seamlessly and grows with your business

“One of the important components for me was the ease of integration as I was being pulled in different directions with my business expanding. I started my travel guides, so being able to rely on the team at SapphireOne to painlessly integrate with my current software was invaluable,” explains Herbert.

Pre-1993 Hebert was using MYOB which only catered for small businesses. To upscale was very expensive and there was no customisation. “I began to find it limiting and slowing down.”

“SapphireOne offered a fast, complete business accounting system with contacts functionality.  Later on, when I was working worldwide I was able to set up and pay foreign debtors automatically into their currency and pay invoices with foreign taxes.”

It wasn’t long until Herbert was searching for an easier way to connect with his database.

“My database after branching out with the Hip Hotel guides was becoming arduous, keeping in contact and up to date with sales, invoicing, appointments and marketing was time consuming.”

Herbert installed the SapphireOne CRM software which helps build and manage relationships and transactions with your clients, vendors and/or potential clients.

“The software provided support for my office staff with detailed notes and transactional history. This became increasingly beneficial to me as I was spending the majority of my time out of the office,”says Herbert.

Stay connected remotely with Sapphire Web Pack

“As my business continued to diversify and I was constantly reviewing and writing abroad, I needed the functionality of a being able to access my data on the go.”

When Herbert mentioned this to John, he introduced the Sapphire Web Pack which offered me the ability to anywhere, anytime, create and modify my client and vendor databases, enter contractor and staff time sheets and process orders.

“I also found the easy interface and real time on my phone an invaluable tool.”

Herbert is another satisfied client with the level of adaptability and service provided. “SapphireOne business accounting system has the ability to continually grow with my business offering add on modules to accommodate different stages. Plus, being a UK company based in London, I’m always grateful for the service and support they provide.”