NSW Interschools Snowsports

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NSW Interschools SnowSports aims to develop junior skiing, snow sport and provides competition details, resources, and a booking service. NSW Interschools Snowsports organises the Snowsports Championships for school students. The Interschools Snowsports Championships are a series of competitions in 7 disciplines. The NSW Interschools Snowsports Committee & Staff organises and manages the races.
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NSW Interschools Snowsports

NSW SnowSports

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The New South Wales Ski Association Ltd, trading as NSW Snowsports is the Peak Body and State Sporting Organisation (SSO) for Snowsports in New South Wales. NSW Snowsports has been representing and servicing snowsports enthusiasts, athletes and the sport since 1973. NSW Snowsports is governed by a board of eleven directors elected by the membership. NSW snowsports aims to develop snowsports in NSW to maximize its potential to build on grass-roots participation in programs and events, talent identification and development programs, as well as to continue to build on successful working relationships with stakehold
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NSW Alpine

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NSW Alpine is the NSW Snowsports Sub-Committee for Alpine. NSW Alpine is promoting alpine ski racing and helping our athletes to achieve their potential.

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NSW Cross Country

NSW Cross Country (XC) is the NSW Snowsports Sub-Committee for Cross Country. XC is a versatile sport that appeals to everyone from young families, to those in their senior years, to the super fit aspiring to the Olympics. This sport provides as much, or as little, challenge as you would like. To find out more about XC skiing and the opportunities available, click here to take you to the Discover XC Website.The cross country community is a diverse, friendly and down to earth group of people who appreciate opportunities to get out there, expending energy to reap the rewards of enjoying the views, the natural high plains environment and the extraordinary feeling of skiing well – going as fast and as far as you like.

NSW FreeStyle

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NSW Freestyle is the NSW Snowsports Sub-Committee for Freestyle. NSW Freestyles aims to promote Freestyle skiing and helping our athletes to achieve their potential.

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