As of the 29 March 2017 the SapphireOne ftp server has been altered to be a secure SFTP server and is still accessible via any internet connection. Any ftp client that supports SFTP may be used to either upload or down load files.


Setup & Login Details:

If access is required to the SFTP server these details will be provided on request
from SapphireOne support staff. They are in the form of a small word document so that they may copied and pasted into the ftp client that they are setting up.

Watch out for capitals in both the user name and the password as the SFTP system parses for upper and lower case in both.

When a connection is first established to any SFTP site the local computer will ask for confirmation that it is to connect to the site. Just select trust this site and proceed from there.

Accessing the new SapphireOne STFP server.

There are literally dozens of mostly free SFTP clients. A few are mentioned here:

1 ) Firefox ftp Client on both Mac OS X & Windows:

The Firefox web browser will run on both Mac OS X and Windows based machines. It has an extension available for an ftp Client named Fireftp and as of today the appearance for both is the same.
To install go to the Tools drop down menu and select Add On. There is a search function available so search for Fireftp and select the install button when it is displayed

a) Mac OS X running OS X El Capitan:

For a Mac or a PC based machine, after installing Fireftp, the user will have to set up an account from account manager by using credentials obtained from our office for creating an SFTP connection.

SapphireOne SFTP Server Connection FireFox Fireftp

2) FileZilla ftp client for both Mac & PC:

This ftp Client is also free and works on both Mac’s and PC’s and is very easy to set up. All of the menus are identical for Mac & PC and the settings are the same.


3) SFTP Voyager for windows only:

This is also a free SFTP client for windows based platforms only. This offers all of the usual features for SFTP client plus the added functionality of being able to schedule ftp transfers at a later time.
For example, in Australia now there are day time quotas and night time quotas.
The user is then able to schedule large uploads or downloads at night when the off-peak quota is used. This also has the advantage that after midnight there is little bandwidth congestion.

4) Cyberduck for Mac only

This is a very simple ftp client that will run on an iMac.

Watch the video below for instruction:


If you need details SFTP manual Or If you experience any problems please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Remember that you will need the word document which has all of the details you will require when setting up your SFTP client. When you have it is a simple matter of cut and paste to enter the details into you ftp client application. For the secure log in details please ring support team.