MacWorld Australia SapphireOne PDF Capture


PDF Capture article is in the Macworld Australia Magazine

SapphireOne PDF Capture article is in the Macworld Australia Magazine, August edition, issue no 223.

We were originally recommending our clients to use a 3rd party vendor for capturing pdf invoices, as we did not have this feature in SapphireOne.

Manually entering data is a time consuming task and it is prone to inaccuracy. Using technology to capture invoices has significant benefits as it improves the data entry time, while invoices are digitally archived in the accounting software or ERP software automatically.

Last year several of our clients requested an automatic invoice capturing solution to be incorporated in SapphireOne. By the end of 2016, we decided to create our own version of a Document Capturing Software solution named PDF Capture in our SapphireOne software suite.

We designed PDF Capture as an intelligent document and invoice processing software. We believed it would help our clients significantly increase efficiency by automating data extraction from PDF invoices. Our decision to create PDF capture as part of SapphireOne was welcomed by our clients. After the release of PDF capture at the end of January 2017, we received a lot of positive feedbacks from our clients. PDF Capture is now fully functional in SapphireOne. In August 2017 Macworld Australia has an Article on the SapphireOne PDF Capture in their magazine.

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