Western Union is a worldwide financial services and communications company who have been helping businesses move money across borders for over 145 years. Integrate with Western Union to send, receive, and manage your international payments and access a suite of tools to take your business worldwide.

Benefits of Western Union Integration

  • Send and receive cross-border payments and manage FX market exposure.
  • Optimise your accounts payable and receivable processes through integrated payment solutions.
  • Send money to 200+ countries and territories in 130+ currencies, and receive funds in 40+ currencies.
  • Upload your SapphireOne transaction file directly to Western Union and automate your transactions.

How to get started

Set up FX Bank within SapphireOne Vendor


  1. Select ‘Accounts’ Mode.
  2. Under ‘Payables’, select ‘Vendor.
  3. Open the Vendor.
  4. Under ‘Page’ dropdown, select ‘Terms’.
  5. Fill in all fields under ‘Bank Details’.
  6. Under ‘Type’ dropdown, select ‘FX Bank’.

Generate Western Union File within SapphireOne


  1. Select ‘Accounts’ Mode.
  2. Under ‘Payables’, select ‘Payments’.
  3. Tick ‘Print Payments’ box.
  4. Under ‘Create Payment’, tick ‘By Transactions’.
  5. Select your chosen Bank Account.
  6. Under ‘Report Method’ dropdown, select ‘Western Union File for Overseas Transfer’, select ‘Print’.
  7. Choose your Vendor Invoice, select ‘Continue’ and save your file.
  8. Upload this file into your Western Union account to process payments.

Take your business worldwide with Western Union and SapphireOne.