A SoftPhone is an essential communications tool that brings all the functionality of a desk phone into a computer or mobile device. It uses software to mimic the functionality of a desk phone on your screen, and uses VoIP technology which allows you to make voice calls over the internet using your own data.

Benefits of Softphone Technology

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Connect to your Desktop app, Tablet or Mobile device to access your business phone directly. No physical telephone is required, making it perfect for off-site, travelling and remote employees.

Reduced Costs and Savings

SoftPhone eliminates the need to purchase hard phones for every employee, and VoIP technology utilises data to place affordable calls – even for international communication.

Safe and Secure Connection

SoftPhone technology operates over your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) and is always encrypted and secure.

“SapphireOne’s SoftPhone gives us a complete overview of all inbound and outbound calls. This extends to our cellphone users. Not many ERP, CRM, Accounting software vendors have implemented SoftPhone into their system – this technology gives us an edge and is part of the organic growth with our customers.”

– Harry Magiros, Frutex Australia.

How it works

  • Make calls directly from SapphireOne CRM to your contact list.
    It’s as simple as opening the client contact, clicking the green button to begin a call, and the red button to end.
  • Keep a history of all client communication.
    All calls made within SapphireOne are automatically time, date, location and user stamped. You can also write notes and short descriptions of the conversation, keeping everyone updated on all communication.
  • Get notifications of all incoming calls.
    Notifications of all incoming calls and caller identity will pop-up on your desktop. Any missed calls will be logged, and all voice messages will be emailed to you directly.
  • Have a voice record of all communication.
    All calls made through SapphireOne have the option to be automatically voice recorded and emailed to you, so you always have a record of your conversation to reference.

Stay connected with SapphireOne SoftPhone.