SapphireOne has partnered with Shopify so you can combine your ecommerce store with the back-end accounting functionality of SapphireOne. Seamlessly integrate Shopify into SapphireOne to create sales invoices, manage your inventory and simplify all your accounting needs.

Benefits of Shopify and SapphireOne

  • Taking the pain out of front-to-back end processing with orders from customers automatically converted into invoices
  • Increases speed and accuracy with no more manually entering data and duplication of spreadsheets
  • Orders are exported into SapphireOne to receive a dynamic view of what’s happening in all areas of your business
  • SapphireOne will simplify your finances by managing your cash flow, preparing automatic tax reporting, invoicing and payroll

Get started with Shopify

In Shopify

  1. Create a Shopify account, or login to an existing account.
  2. Select ‘Apps’.
  3. Select ‘Manage Private Apps’.
  4. Select ‘Create a new private App’.
  5. Create a private app name.
  6. Enter an emergency developer email (for our clients:
  7. Select ‘Read and write’ and ‘Read access’ (in Admin API).
  8. Tick all boxes for access and permissions (In Storefront API).
  9. Select ‘Save’ and in pop-up select ‘I understand’.
  10. Copy the API Key and copy the Password.

Link Shopify to SapphireOne

  1. Go to: Utilities > Controls > Master Defaults > Page: API.
  2. In E-commerce box set up:
    • Type ‘Shopify’.
    • Enter your Store Address, which is ‘Your Nominated Store’.
    • Enter your API Key and Password, as copied from Shopify
  3. Go to: Inventory > Inventory > Locations > Select location
    • Select ‘Link’ (Next to Shopify Link).
    • Select a location to match and select OK.
  4. Go to: Utilities > Controls > Master Defaults > Page: API > Select ‘Sync Now’ (Next to Inventory Link).

Grow your online business with the back-end functionality of SapphireOne.