Benefits of Shopify and SapphireOne

  • Taking the pain out of front-to-back end processing with orders from customers automatically converted into invoices
  • Increases speed and accuracy with no more manually entering data and duplication of spreadsheets
  • Orders are exported into SapphireOne to receive a dynamic view of what’s happening in all areas of your business
  • SapphireOne will simplify your finances by managing your cash flow, preparing automatic tax reporting, invoicing and payroll

Getting started with Shopify and SapphireOne


Getting Started with Shopify

  • Create your own Shopify Account
  • Select “Apps”
  • Select “Manage Private Apps”
  • Select “Create a new private App”
  • Create a private app name
  • Enter an emergency developer email (for our clients:
  • Select “Read and write” and “Read access” (in Admin API)
  • Tick all boxes for access and permissions (In Storefront API)
  • Select “Save” and in pop-up select “I understand”
  • Copy the API Key and copy the Password

Link Shopify to SapphireOne

  • Go to: Utilities > Controls > Master Defaults > Page: API
  • In E-commerce box set up:
    • Type = “Shopify”
    • Store Address = Your Nominated Store
    • API Key and Password = As copied from Shopify
  • Go to: Inventory > Inventory > Locations > Select location
    • Select “Link” (Next to Shopify Link)
    • Select a location to match and select OK
    • API Key and Password = As copied from Shopify
  • Go to: Utilities > Controls > Master Defaults > Page: API > Select “Sync Now” (Next to Inventory Link)

Now your website/online store is connected to SapphireOne

Ready to sell online - why use an ERP application

SapphireOne ERP powers to get your products moving

Obtain data from a single source to ensure all areas of your business uses the same information. Gain accuracy across your entire organisation as fewer errors can be made interpreting information.

Export and start enjoying better business intelligence with snapshots of the key fundamental areas such as cash flow reporting, profit and loss, tax reporting, inventory snapshots and shipping.

Invoicing is made easy and SapphireOne payment solutions allows you to instantaneously track arrival of funds into your bank accounts. Read More


Amazing performance improvements

SapphireOne Version 17 increases performance including improved user experience, better data management and greater security controls. Take a look at our SapphireOne Launch Day.