Brandscope is a dynamic and intuitive cloud-based e-commerce trading hub empowering global Suppliers, Agents and Retailers to source and supply multiple brands on one specialised trading platform that streamlines wholesale processes and drives profitability.

Benefits of Brandscope Integration


Launch your brand to leading retailers with flair and speed using exciting technology that streamlines the expensive sales process.


Scope out and buy brands online using state of the art purchasing tools.


Manage your Brands, Suppliers and Retailers with greater efficiency using technology that does the work for you.

“Brandscope has made a wonderful difference. Previously we were manually entering incoming orders and answering phone calls, and giving stock count to our customers verbally. As soon as we integrated Brandscope with SapphireOne we found that our customers who are using Brandscope have up-to-date stock availability, and are saving one and half people’s workload for manual order entry. The SapphireOne Brandscope integration has also reduced the data entry mistakes for our customers.”

– Robert Grant, Founder of Reflex Sports.

Strengthen your wholesale trade with Brandscope and SapphireOne.