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SapphireOne is in the process of building a comprehensive training resource that will be available for everyone to view online. Presented as individual movie segments, its a resource that we will grow to cover all data entry, navigation and reporting functions available within the SapphireOne ERP, CRM & Business Accounting Software for Mac and Windows.



An overview of SapphireOne ERP, CRM, DMS and Business Accounting Software Application. Highlighted is the access provided to all 8 modules via a single toolbar and other additional features.

Accounts Mode

  • The Accounts mode manages your day to day accounting operations via modules Receivables, Payables and General Ledger.

Inventory Mode

  • The Inventory mode manages your inventory and stock from an initial requisition to final sale and all POS transactions. Modules included are Sales, Purchases, Inventory Manager and POS.

Inventory Mode – Point of Sale

  • Sapphire Web Pack allows for unlimited users to access certain parts of the live data file from any device with a browser. View on-the-go real-time data, accept payments, digital signatures and standard data entry and inquiry functions.

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Job Projects Mode

  • Job Projects mode helps you maximise profit by tracking of revenue and costs which are related to a specific task or job. Modules included are Cost, Resources, Inventory and Job Projects.

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Assets Mode

  • Asset Management mode manages your day to day operations to obtain a clear assessment of all aspects of your asset registry. Modules included are Inquiry, Transactions, Report and History.

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Payroll Mode

  • Payroll/HR mode helps setup pay periods, track history, administrate employee history, leave requests and onboard HR. Modules included are Payroll, Report, Administration and History.

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Management Mode

  • Management mode provides unique analysis tools assisting you to obtain a quick snapshot or an in-depth review of your business performance. Modules included are Analysis, Management and Audits.

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Utilities Mode

  • Utilities mode contains all your historical transactions and system defaults – the rules that control your data file. Modules included are History, Controls and Utilities.

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Workbook Mode

  • Workbook mode combined with user access and user preferences, provides you with the ability to group functions of a user so they can be easily accessed. Contacts, Actions, Documents, Pictures, Tracking Notes, Mail Book, Phone Log, Visitor’s Book, Calendar, Document Manager and PDF Capture are located here.

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