POS Reconciliation

This is where SapphireOne stores a record of reconciliations done through the P.O.S. function. These records may not be modified or deleted by any user. POS transactions are stored within SapphireOne independently of other transactions. They also have a posting function within the POS drop down menu in Inventory mode. 
This function is the same as the Bank Reconciliation documented earlier in this. At a pre-determined time, the POS till must be reconciled. When this is done SapphireOne stores a record of what transactions were reconciled and other details as seen in the screen shot below. Each POS Rec done is assigned a sequence number and displayed in the list seen below with the most recent POS Rec’s at the top of the list. 

Double clicking on a record or highlighting a record and selecting the icon will display the page below. The page as seen below will then display all transactions that passed through the POS till since the last POS rec was performed. 

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