Inventory Transactions

This Inquiry allows the viewing of all Invoices entered in Inventory Mode.

The Print  button allows the printing of the transaction reports, as well as the reprinting of the Invoices themselves

Transaction screen

From the previous screenshot selecting the Transaction button allows you to view the actual accounting Transaction that was created for the Invoice.


Printing an Invoice from History

From the list of invoices on the previous page, select the Invoice/s to print and select Show Subset from the Options menu or use the (Command G ) shortcut. Note that this menu is the drop-down menu on the main toolbar.

Only the transactions to be printed should be showing on screen. Select the Print button on the main toolbar.

This allows you to print Invoices from history with multiple print options including one line invoice that allows you to print a transaction summary  and plain paper that allows you to print a single historical invoice for presentation to a client.

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