Account Transactions

The Transactions Inquiry function allows you to view all of the historical and current transactions held within your data file.

All transactions are available for examination and can be searched, sorted, and reported on as required.

The Look  button is the only active button and this will only allow the viewing of the contents of Transactions.

Transactions are listed in sequence number order by default and display the Type of transaction involved in the last column to the right.

As all the transactions displayed here have been posted any modification of the records is not permitted.

We will Look  at a CI, Client Invoice which is highlighted above on the next page.

 It should be noted that for FX transactions the total will be in the local currency while each individual line will be in the FX currency.

It should be noted that the external reference number column will also display the transaction type i.e. EFT Cheque or a pay run number.


If the invoice button is active this will allow the viewing of the Sales / Purchase Invoice that created the transaction.
The screen opens as a pop up over the History Transactions screen seen above.
To close it select the red button in the top left hand corner of the pop up screen itself, or the  on the main toolbar.



To print the original Invoice(s) go to the Invoices menu item under:
 Utilities \ History \ Invoices and select the required Invoice(s).

Select Show Subset from the Options menu and then select the Print   button. Choose from the selections under Report type to choose the format for your Invoice(s).

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