Task Inquiry Overview

The Task Inquiry function within SapphireOne Utilities Menu allows the user to set up Tasks as an additional level of reporting and classification within SapphireOne.

For example, if Sales are made at both the Retail and Wholesale levels, tasks provide an additional way of separating the items within reports.  

Tasks can be entered into the Custom Page on any Accounts Mode or Inventory Mode data entry screen. Each line within the transaction may if necessary have a different task allocated to it. 

In the SapphireOne Standard Financials report, tasks have also been added as a Mode option as an additional layer of reporting. This enables reporting to be done on a Task level, as well as Periods, Projects, Project Class and Departments. 

How to Enter a Task

To enter a new task, select Task Inquiry screen from Utilities Controls menu, and then select the New button from the SapphireOne main toolbar.

  • Company ID – Enter the Company ID.
  • Task ID – Enter in a Task ID. This is the ID that will be displayed when referring to the task in SapphireOne.
  • Name – Enter in Task Name or a description.
  • Notes – Additional notes about the task may be added if required.

Select the Green Tick to save the new task entry. This task is then stored within the audit lines of the data when it is used. 

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