Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart Overview

There is no provision for renaming the levels so if a mistake is made, delete the level with the error and it plus all levels below will be deleted and start again.

  • Remove Level Button – Any level may be removed by selecting this button.
  • Add Level Button – Levels may be created or added by selecting this button.
    • Alerts – For both of the options above there will be an alert displayed asking for confirmation of the deletion, or asking for the name of the new level.

Once this Organisation chart has been created the user may then modify the required users access file and enter the level at which they are to be set at.
To do this go to Utilities \ Controls \ User Access Inquiry \ Details Page
In the centre of the screen there is the Company Area and at the bottom of the area is the Rules Level data entry field.

When the button is selected in this area, SapphireOne will display the Organisation Chart as seen above enabling the user to select a level for the user being modified. 

Create the Organisation Chart first, then setup all the users with a Rules Level.
Then you may go and create your Workflow Rules based transactions that require user authorisation. 

Further documentation on this function is in the article in this section titled Workflow Rules Inquiry. 

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