Creating New Inventory

SapphireOne Tutorials: Creating New Inventory

Scenario: A Vendor produces a new guitar that your business wishes to order and sell in store.

Step 1. Open SapphireOne and enter Inventory Mode > Inquiry > Inventory

Step 2. Once you are in the Inventory function, click on the plus button in the Navigation Toolbar as seen below.

Step 3. Below is the new inventory interface that will be generated, where you can enter as much detail or as a little as you want for the inventory. The only compulsory fields are the name and the ID, and the only variable that cannot be changed later is the inventory ID. For this example, we have entered barcode “123456789”. Once the barcode is entered click the green tick to save the item.

Step 4. Click the page dropdown menu and select the More Details page, or click F2 to open the above interface. It is IMPORTANT that users ensure that they enter a vendor (as seen above) for the new inventory to enable the Back to Back ordering function documented later in this document.

Step 5. If you wish to enter additional barcodes, users can click the Controls Page on the pages dropdown, or press the F5 button, to open the page as seen above.

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