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Sales Support Overview

The Sapphire Sales Support tool function has been provided for Sales staff who require simple access to selling prices for customers. 

Selling prices in SapphireOne are determined initially by the Base Prices as set in an Inventory Inquiry and then an Inventory Locations Inquiry. From there SapphireOne looks at any specific discounts entered into the selected Client or Vendor master record and then any Pricebook entries in SapphireOne. Pricebook being the final option may be set up so that it ignores any other discounts in SapphireOne. 

This allows for a multitude of options and calculations when a Final Price is to be determined. All of the calculations in the Sales Support tool by default are for the sale of single inventory items only. For quantity based discounts please read to the end of this article on the Sales Support tool. 

Where Used: Inventory > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry & Inventory Locations Inquiry, Job Projects > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry & Inventory Location Inquiry 

Details of the Sales Support Screen

  • The settings area contains two radio buttons which by default are set to Client with the Client ID empty. 
  • If the Vendor radio button was selected the data entry field heading will change to Vendor ID
  • Since the ID data entry field is empty SapphireOne assumes that it is to display the prices for all Clients or all Vendors
  • As documented on the previous page the Sales Support tool will display the Inventory prices as they appear in either an Inventory Inquiry or an Inventory Locations Inquiry. That is unless there is a discount that applies to all Clients or all Vendors. In that case the discount and adjusted prices would be immediately displayed as the default prices with the discount being applied to them all being entered into the Discount column as a percentage. (This is documented on the next page). 
  • Once a Client or Vendor ID has been entered SapphireOne by default will enter in a 1 into the Qty data entry field. SapphireOne then checks for any pricing changes for all of the displayed Inventory items in the list. 
  • SapphireOne will first check the Client and Vendor master files and then check Price Book for any entries that are linked to the Client or Vendor that has been entered. 
  • If a number more than 1 is entered into the Qty data entry field and the button is selected SapphireOne will also check for any Quantity Discounts entered into SapphireOne. The user should be aware that these quantity discounts are normally entered as a Pricebook entry’s. 
  • A Project ID may be entered but is not a requirement. 

Sales Support Buttons

The Sales Support screen has a number of buttons as seen just above. 

  • The Search Item button will display the detailed query pop up which will allow a detailed query to be performed allowing the user to search for a particular inventory item. 
  • The Print Price List button will Print a price list as is currently displayed. 
  • The Export Price button will cause SapphireOne to save a Tab Delineated Text file which may be viewed using any spreadsheet program. 
  • The Create Order button will create an order for the selected Client or Vendor for the Selected items. The inventory items must have the checkbox select at the end of each and every line that is to be inserted into the order. 

Be careful here as the quantity in the order will be the same for every line as the quantity data entry field here in this Sales Support tool. All orders created here should be checked. 

  • The Get Price button tells SapphireOne to recalculate the prices based on the entries as currently entered by the user. 
  • The Cancel button closes this Sales Support tool down. 

Column List Headings

Inventory is purchased and sold on a location basis so the list only displays Inventory items on a location basis. 

  • The ID column 
  • Lists the Inventory Location ID’s
  • The Name column is the name for the Inventory item drawn from a Base Inventory Inquiry
  • The Rate column is the current Inventory Location price without GST. 
  • The Discount column will display any discount that SapphireOne is applying. If there is no discount the cell will be blank. 
  • The Tax column displays the current tax being added to the price. For Australia this is currently 10%. 
  • The Final Price is the Discounted Rate + Tax. 

The Column that contains the checkboxes has two functions. 

  1. When an Order is created from the Sales Support tool the only line items that will be imported in to it will be those inventory items that have the checkbox selected. 
  2. They are also used when using the Find option in a Detailed Query. 

You can review our Blog and YouTube channel for additional information and resources on SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software.

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