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SPS Commerce Tools Overview

The Sapphire’s SPS Tools, enable the SapphireOne user to efficiently manage their SPS Commerce directly from within SapphireOne. It gives the SapphireOne user the ability to integrate their SPS Commerce with their SapphireOne data file and allows them to manage reports, upload and export invoices, purchase orders and acknowledgements.

SPS Commerce is the largest retail network, with more than 95,000 retail supply chain partners to connect and collaborate. SPS Commerce helps retail vendors work together with data collaboration in the retail supply chain with industry-leading technology. With SPS, you can strengthen your global supply chain and better serve your clients.

The SapphireOne Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration solution from SPS Commerce automates your processes according to your business’s unique rules and requirement. It also eliminates error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry processes that slow operations and accelerate costs.

SapphireOne provides Tools for the bulk management of your SPS in the order that they are listed in the Sapphire Tools menu and are as follows:

  • Import Orders – This Sapphire tool enables the SapphireOne user to import orders created in SapphireOne SPS Commerce.
  • Reupload ASN – This Sapphire tool refers to an Advanced Ship Notice and gives the user the ability to reupload an ASN directly into SapphireOne.
  • Upload Acknowledgement – This Sapphire tool enables the user to upload an Acknowledgement order, which is for the supplier to give feedback to the purchaser that has sent in an order as to whether they can fulfil that order in total or in part.
  • Upload Invoices – This Sapphire tool enables the user to upload SPS invoices directly into SapphireOne.
  • Export Acknowledgement – This Sapphire tool enables the user to export SPS Acknowledgement directly from SapphireOne.
  • Export Invoices – This Sapphire tool enables the user to export SPS commerce invoices directly from SapphireOne.
  • ABS Import – This Sapphire tool enables the user to import ABS orders while bridging with the SPS Commerce integration.

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