List Screen Error Codes - Powerful Status Codes to Manage Transactions

List Screen Error Codes Overview

When a list of items is on screen, SapphireOne will display a number of status codes. Some of these are normal during the processing of transactions, and a number of others are error codes.

When are List Screen Error Codes Displayed?

The Name error codes below are displayed when the standard inquiry list screen is used. 

If the optional Swap to a Custom Inquiry- Button button has been selected by the user and the Setup-Button button used to select the columns that are to populate the list they are able to select the viewing of the Status column. When they do this they will find that the Status column contains the Status No as listed in the table below. 

Each transaction also has a Posted Status code attached. 

Ent, entered correctly and un-posted.
Yes, has been posted correctly. 
Err, Posting failed due to an error. 

The user will have to open the transaction for modifying and look in the Information Tabs area for extended details of the error. 

Name  Status Nº Details
Ent:  -2  The line has been entered correctly and is ready to be posted.  The transaction is as yet Un-posted and Modifiable
No:  Un-posted (Modifiable). SapphireOne is deciding as to what posted status it is to place on the transaction. 
Yes:  Posted. The line has been correctly entered and has been posted. 
Wait:  Waiting to be posted. 
Err:  -1  Error in posting Modifiable. Will not post until the error has been corrected. (Check remainder of this section for details
Work:  12  Currently Processing un-posted. The line is being posted now. 
Inwards Goods:  13  Not normally displayed as 13 is the transactions status when the transaction is an Inwards Goods transaction. No effect on anything and can be ignored. 
Lock:  Record in use while trying to update. Will post in next posting run. 
Hist:  Record to go to History. 
Rec:  Waiting to be Reconciled but already posted. 
Later:  Waiting to be posted via the activity Queue button. 
Print:  Preparing to print 
New:  This code will appear while data is being entered.  That is before the green tick becomes active. 
Dup:  Duplicate transaction in the list. 
WF:  Transaction requires Work Flow authorisation. 

Additional Posting Error Codes

Transactions may fail to post due to an additional error. While it should be uncommon to see these errors in a properly managed data file they do occur. 

Below is a condensed list of Common Error Codes. 

The PER Period error should no longer appear as it has been altered at a customer’s request. If it does appear now, it means that an invalid period is in SapphireOne and it may indicate damage to the data file. If this does occur, please check with SapphireOne support staff immediately. 

P:  Locked Period. 
L:  Locked Record. 
C:  Invalid control account. 
PJ:  Project required. 
PER:  Period error. 

Control Tab Error Codes within SapphireOne 

The Error Codes in the table that is in the remainder of this tech note are found in the Controls and Error Tabs in the information area in transactions in SapphireOne. 


Any transaction that is started will commence with the green tick inactive. 

SapphireOne will wait until the minimum specified data entry fields have valid data entered, before activating the green tick. You would then normally proceed to enter the rest of the data required for this transaction or data entry. 

When the green tick is finally selected, the transaction will be saved but SapphireOne will do some re-checking on the originally entered minimum specified data to see if any errors have crept in. 

If SapphireOne finds an error with the minimum specified data entered before the green tick was activated, it will display an error of NEW as seen in the screenshot above and is completely normal. 

Error Codes Short description

A short description of the error codes is listed in the table below. Following this are some trouble shooting tips to try and help you resolve the displayed error. 

Code Description
AC  Clients Inactive 
ACT  Activity Link 
ADO  Asset Depreciation is Over the cost of the item. 
AV  Vendors Inactive 
BA  Bank Account 
BAY  Bay Error 
BC  Bank Account & Transaction Currencies are different. 
BL  Build Line Error 
Client name not valid 
CA  Control Account 
CL  Credit Limit 
CN  Invalid Cheque Number 
CNA  Invalid Cheque Number 
CONV  Converting an Order 
CT  Control Account 
CX  Tax Control Account 
EX  External Ref. Error 
DA  Duplicate Adjustment lines. (Same inventory used twice in an ADJ). 
DC  Different Company 
DEL  Deleted Posted Record 
DQ  Totals Don’t Balance 
General Ledger Not Valid 
GX  General Ledger Account not found 
HJ  History Journal Lines 
Inventory Error 
IBA  Invalid Bank Account 
IC  Inter Company 
IL  Invoice Lines don’t exist 
JOB  Journal Lines created don’t balance 
Locked Invoice 
Code Description
LD  Location Missing Department 
LDI  Locked Invoice processing an Order 
LIN  Locked Inventory processing a Order 
LOC  Locked file … filename 
Lp  Locked Period (Note the lowercase “p”) 
LP  Locked Period (Note the Uppercase “P”) 
LPR  Locked Project 
LT  Locked Transaction 
LV  Locked Invoice calculating Unposted 
NG  Negative Stock Error 
OB  Out of Balance 
Period not valid 
P1  Error in Activities file in an Invoice 
PER  Period Error 
PER0  Period 0 Journal 
PJ  Project Required 
PR  Project Error 
QTY  Quantity Error 
REF  Internal Ref. Error 
RS  Resource Link 
SB  Stock Breakdown 
SBA  System Unable to write current Transaction to History. 
SGL  GL Name not valid 
SN  Serial No. Error 
SNUP  Serial Number Un Posted 
SNID  Serial Number ID. Error 
SNL  Serial Numbers Don’t balance 
SNS  Serial Number sold greater than quantity available 
SNT  Serial Number Link Error 
Code Description
SP  Sales Person Error 
TBQ  Table Matrix Quantity 
TK  Item Errored by Tran Audit 
TN  When the total is less than 0 
TOT  Total Error 
TR  Transaction already exists in Accounts 
UA  Un-posted stock adjustment for Inventory (ADJ). 
WF  Workflow restriction. Transaction must be authorised. 
XL  Invoice Lines created incorrectly 
Vendor name not valid 

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