Maintenance and Security Center

Upon installation of SapphireOne as outlined in the previous article, SapphireOne will prompt the user to establish the data file. One differing option is provided. Selecting the, Open the Maintenance and Security Center option would cause SapphireOne to open the Last Accessed data file using SapphireOne. 

Alternately to use this function.

  1. Open the data file that you want to run security and maintenance tasks on.
  2. Close the data file down in the usual way. 
  3. Click on the SapphireOne icon as you are holding down the alt key, while SapphireOne is booting the program. 
  4. Select the last option as seen on the previous page and the pop up seen blow will be displayed. 

This will enable the running of Sapphire Tools on a single user version of SapphireOne. 

It should be noted that there are minor differences in the way in which some of the functions are both displayed and accessed when running these functions in either single user mode or from a workstation in Client Server mode. The functions themselves are identical when accessed from either. 

  1. Opening any data file that has not had an unlocking code entered when first installed or after an upgrade. will result in a Validation and order form and license agreement dialog. For the Bondi Blue data file only, select and you will be taken immediately to the login screen. 
  2. This will take you to the opening screen of SapphireOne and you will be viewing the main toolbar as seen. 

The Login ID & Passwords for Bondi Blue are as follows: 

SONE0   Sydney log in.
SONE1 Melbourne log in 
S1 Master log in. 
POS POS log in. 
UK UK log in 

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