Superannuation Adjustment

Superannuation Adjustment Overview

Correcting an error made to a Superannuation Payment is a simple procedure, however care has to be taken so that all areas within SapphireOne are adjusted accordingly. This function automates this procedure so that all areas within SapphireOne are automatically corrected. 

This feature is located at Payroll/HR > Payroll > Superannuation Adjustment.

Superannuation Adjustment Procedure

  1. When this Superannuation Adjustment screens is first displayed it is blank. 
  2. Use Control / or the + or button to either add or delete a line and select an employee using the “@” or “?” wildcard character as we have in the following example.  Multiple adjustments to Employee’s Superannuation may be made at the onetime using this adjustment function. 
  1. To commence processing the adjustment/s select the Process Adjustment button.
  2. An alert will be displayed to confirm processing. If you are not ready to process the adjustment select NO and proceed as follows to Enter the Adjustment/s
    1. Click on the data entry field and enter in either the “@” or “?” wildcard character to search for the Employee ID or if known enter in the exact Employee ID. 
    2. If the Employee has a single Superannuation Fund it will be displayed in the data entry field. If they have multiple funds they may be selected using the drop down menu which will be populated with the funds for that particular employee that SapphireOne finds. The superannuation Fund Name will be displayed as well as the Superannuation Vendor.
    3. Enter into the Adjust Value data entry field the adjustment required. When this transaction is processed a VI will be created for positive values and a VC will be created for negative values. 
    4. Once you have all the adjustments set up select the Process Adjustment button and you will be presented with that same alert that was displayed when you selected an Employee. Select the YES button to process these Superannuation Adjustments and create the Account transactions. 

The VI created in Accounts mode is displayed below. 

SapphireOne considers each Superannuation Adjustment as a Pay Run so the Pay Run numbers will increment accordingly. 

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