Working Transactions Wizard

Working Transactions Wizard Overview

This Working Transactions Wizard function from the Payroll/HR wizard will allow the SapphireOne user to view a summary of the current Working Transactions in SapphireOne. If all of the previous Working Transactions have been processed in a previous pay run the list will be empty of employees.

Pay runs should be processed using the standard procedure from the Payroll > Process functions, or using the Payroll Checklist wizard.

For both procedures the order is the same as follows.

  1. Start New Pay – When this procedure is executed SapphireOne copies the Standing transactions into a temporary Working Transactions file.
  2. Working Transactions – When the user accesses this function, they are able to make changes to the Employees record for this pay only. The most common alteration would be if the employee was taking leave of any type.
  3. Pay Run – When all Working Transactions have been processed, this Pay Run procedure will imitate the actual pay run. After this your post Pay Run reports will be generated.
  • If the Start Pay Run function has commenced externally to the Payroll Checklist Wizard, SapphireOne will only display a summary of the current Working Transactions.
  • If the Start Pay Run function is commenced from within the Payroll Checklist wizard, SapphireOne will display the Complete Working Transaction list which allows the user to modify each employees working transaction.

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