Payroll Checklist Wizard

Payroll Checklist Wizard Overview

While the Payroll Checklist Wizard may be used to actually process a Pay run, it may also be used as a complete check list of items that will need to be looked at prior to, during, and after a pay run is processed.

As each item is completed select the button to mark the item as completed. This is useful when you are interrupted after completing the Working Transaction process and the actual Pay run itself has yet to be executed.

This screen displays a list of items that you may have to complete when processing a Pay run. If the SapphireOne user have an interruption whilst processing a Pay Run, they can return to this screen and check where they were in the process prior to the interruption.

When each item is selected a brief description of its function is displayed below the buttons at the right hand side of the screen.

Highlighting the Reset Wizard option in the provided example and then selecting the button will de-select / un-tick all previously selected / ticked items.

However, if you have skipped any items before a function in the list, you will be asked if you wish to tick all earlier items on the list as seen in the screen shot to the left.

If you selected the button for any item the alert as seen in the screenshot.

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