Transaction Lines Area - Easily Access and Modify Transaction Line Details

Transaction Lines Area Overview

All lines in the Transaction, are listed in the Transaction Lines Area. The list itself displays the basic details of each Line. You cannot directly edit from the lines in the list. To view or modify any line in this List the 8user has to first select or highlight a line.

All of the additional data entry fields will then be displayed for you immediately above the list of lines.
From there the user is able to view or modify all of the data entry fields for the line as required.

The easiest way to add a line is with the keyboard shortcut. Hold the  (Command or Control key down and select forward slash (/). SapphireOne will then place the cursor in the Account ID data entry field ready for the entry of a new line. Alternatively, selecting the button will also place the cursor in the Account ID data entry field, ready for the entry of a  new line.

Lines may also be added to the transaction by clicking on the button or selecting the button to delete the currently highlighted line.

This example is from a Sales Client invoice and all transactions that have a similar area in them, with the principal documented as seen below being the same. 

The upper part of this area displays the full details of the currently selected/highlighted line in the transaction. It displays the ID and Name of the account affected by the transaction. 

This area is where the user either enters or modifies the details on a line by line basis. Most of the time the only alteration to this area will be the entry of a quantity for the line. The Total amount for the highlighted line INCLUDING tax is displayed at the end of the line. 

On the second line in a Client Invoice is Project data. The lower part of this are display the lines that e currently making up this transaction. 

No editing is allowed in this list directly as editing must be performed in the upper area as documented above.

The SapphireOne user has the ability to add notes within each inventory line item. Any details entered into this field will appear on each inventory line item and are unique to that specific line of inventory. The SapphireOne user can customise their notes field and it will then copy onto an Order Client Invoice (OCI) or Order Vendor Invoice (OVI) when generated. 

When a transaction has multiple lines only the details from the currently highlighted line is displayed for detailed viewing or editing in the Account Details area as seen above. To view or modify any line in this Line Listing area simply select it and the details will then be displayed for you to view or modify it using the Account Details area. The transaction used in this example has four lines in all and the first line is the one currently selected/highlighted in the screenshot above. 

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