Tags Overview

Tags are provided on various details screens of SapphireOne as a user configurable Label (heading) / Listbox (menu) pair for customising the data associated with any transaction.

These tags are used in a number of functions within SapphireOne. While the example used here is within the Grouping Area of a Vendor Inquiry, the Tag function works in exactly the same way throughout SapphireOne, wherever the Tag function has been implemented. 

A common are for these tags is in the Grouping area on an Inquiry although they will be found in others of SapphireOne as required. Common default names for these tags are Tag, Tag2 and Tag3. The Tag items are user configurable for both the Headings and the Items that are displayed in drop down menus. 

Tags Customisation

To name the respective Tag headings go to: Utilities > Controls > Master Defaults and select the relevant Page. This example within the User Defined Names Area is of the Vendor Page in Master Defaults.

In the screenshot we have used Black, 100,000,00 and Level 1 as headings. 

These new headings are now displayed in the Grouping Area on the first page in a Vendor Inquiry the Details Page.

Note that in all of the list screens in SapphireOne where these tags have been implemented, they are now displayed as seen below as column headings on the right hand side of the pre-existing columns.. 

For the addition of items to these user menus please proceed to the User Created Menus article.

You can review our Blog and YouTube channel for additional information and resources on SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software.

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