Quick Find Within an Inquiry List - Discover Lightning-Fast List Search


When any list is on screen, SapphireOne has included functionality that allows the user to perform a very quick find from this list by selecting two items that are on the screen itself.


While the example below uses an Inventory Inquiry list any other type of list may be used.

For example, we want to perform a quick find for all Inventory items that have a Class of GH. First select/highlight a row of data which contains the Class that is to be searched for.

In an Inventory Inquiry above we have selected the item BIN that has a Class of GH.
Next hold down the Command key Mac, or the Control Windows, and use the mouse to click in the Class column heading. SapphireOne will now find and display all Inventory Items that have a class of GH as seen in the last screen shot above. Remember to hold down the Command or Control key before selecting the Column/Class heading.

SapphireOne checks for what is highlighted at the junction of the Row and Column for the criteria to be entered into the find function. In the above example GH is seen at the junction so the query is done on a Class of GH. This works in all List screens throughout SapphireOne. 

For another example, if a Client inquiry is used and a Client is selected that has an Area entered as East. when the user holds down the Command key Mac, or the Control Windows, and uses the mouse to click on the area heading, SapphireOne will do Find for any Client that has East entered for the Area.

Remember highlight a row of data with what you are querying for, then Command or Control click in the column heading. 

If the user simply clicks in any of the heading names SapphireOne will simply do a sort for that column. Clicking again inverts the sort.

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