Navigating SapphireOne - Mastering the SapphireOne Navigation Flow

Navigation throughout SapphireOne is consistent throughout the application. 

  1. Select from the Mode Menu, as seen below Accounts
  2. Select from the Menu across the top of the main toolbar, Payables
  3. Select from the drop-down menu Money Receipt
  4. If there are any additional pages select the required Page. 

As you can see in this screenshot the textual instructions are as seen above and the navigation details are clearly displayed above. When the procedure above is executed SapphireOne will display a Money Receipt ready for data entry by the user.

The Page menu may have from 0, that’s none to twenty pages or more, which is set by the amount of data that has to be stored for the function or record being accessed at the time.

To view a function that has just a single page go to, 1-Inventory > 2-Inventory > 3-Inventory Class Inquiry
The page menu will not be displayed on the main toolbar just below the Mode menu.

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