Keyboard Shortcuts - Discover the Secrets of SapphireOne's Shortcuts

This Article documents the shortcuts used in SapphireOne.

The Key used for activation of these Shortcuts is the Command key Mac & the Control key Windows.

As this article will not print correctly from the Web, there is also a one page pdf which fits on an A4 page which may be found here. It can be printed and laminated and referred to until the new user is able to remember some of these shortcuts

Select the Command Key for a Mac or the Control Key for Windows

Key Function
A Select All
B Show Last
C Copy
D Actions
E Access Lock
F Find
G Show Subset
H Show All
I Detailed Order
J Omit Subset
K Sapphire Tools
L Look
M Modify
N New
Key Function
P Print
Q Quit
R Layout Query
T Sapphire Query
U Sapphire Order
V Paste
W Close Screen
X Cut
Y Detailed Query
Z Undo
? Financials Help
/ New Line Item, Contact etc
“F” Keys 1st item Modes Menu
F1 Accounts Mode
F2 Inventory Mode
F3 Job / Projects Mode
F4 Assets Mode
F5 Payroll Mode
F6 Management Mode
F7 Utilities Mode
F8 Workbook Mode
Key +
4th item the Page Menu
1 1st Page (Usually Details)
2 2nd Page (Usually More Details)
3 3rd Page
4 4th Page
5 5th Page
6 6th Page
7 7th Page and so on!

The following functions are accessed by holding down the Command/Control key and the Shift key at the same time. Then select the required key from below

F Global Search
H Hide / Show Toolbar
L Load Set
Y Advanced Find

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