Green Buttons - Experience the Potential of SapphireOne's Green Buttons

The user will note that there are a number of green buttons in the top right hand corner of many areas of SapphireOne. These buttons when selected, perform the following functions.

  • Selecting the remove-Button button will remove the selected item
  • Selecting the Green + Square Button button will add an Item.
  • The Modify Mailing Address button if displayed, will expand the area it is in, to full screen. This is useful if there is a lot of data in the area, or make it easier for users that have the screen resolution set very low for some reason to view more of the data in the area that has been expanded. To return the screen to normal display just re-select the Modify Mailing Address button again. It acts as a toggle.
  • The Link Existing Document-Button button in the top right hand corner of the contacts area, enables the linking of the selected contact to some other transaction function within the SapphireOne program.
  • The Forward-Button button enables the large scale copying of data from one location to another withing the same screen or window.

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