Dynamic Data Entry Feld Labels - Tap into the Hidden Power of Dynamic Labels

Dynamic Data Entry Field Labels Overview

If any Data Entry Field Labels in SapphireOne are underlined, this indicates there is one of the following two types of functionality available to the user.

  1. Data Entry Labels – These underlined labels are normally within the record itself and once selected, provide the user with a picking list. This functionality is documented in the two examples immediately below.
  2. ID Labels – When the user clicks on the under lined labels of a Client, Vendor, Project and other ID fields, SapphireOne, will do a filtered Inquiry and standard Inquiry with only the entered ID in the list. This is the same as a shortcut in the MacOS and Windows platforms. From this list the user is able to immediately view or modify the just entered Client, Vendor, Project and other ID depending on the function being processed at the time.

Data Entry Labels

 While two of these have been documented below in this article, Date and Period, they are utilised in many other areas of SapphireOne as well. In each case, the pick list will reflect the data being entered at the time.

Date Pick List

Note the right hand screenshot above. When the user selects the Please Enter Date text with the mouse, SapphireOne will display a date picking calendar eliminating the user to physically enter the date with the keyboard. This should reduce input errors by the user. By default, the calendar will highlight in green, the current date. Any other date may be selected from there.

If the focus is placed on the actual date data entry field as seen above and the up or down arrows are selected on the keyboard, SapphireOne will up and down increment the date one day at a time. Selecting either the left right or right keys will move the date up or down a month.

Period Picking List

SapphireOne will always enter the current period for most transactions. If this period is not correct for some reason the user has two options. Enter the altered period using the keyboard or use the mouse to select the underlined Period text. SapphireOne will then display the period pick list as seen above. The Period pop up will not highlight the current period, but any period may be selected. If it is not the current period the user will receive an alert, warning the user that the period that they have selected is not the current period. 

ID Dynamic Data Entry Field Labels

An SCI will be used for the examples in this article however the procedure is the same for most functions across the entire SapphireOne data file where an ID of some type is used.

To create any new transaction or record, the must first enter the ID, in this case for an SCI the Client ID as seen in the screenshot below. ARCRES

Next select the underlined ID data entry labels name. SapphireOne will immediately perform a query for the Client ID as entered into the ID data entry field. It will then be displayed as the only item in a list when a Client Inquiry is executed.

 Now the user may select the client for viewing or modification as required.

When the user has completed their viewing or modification of the client, close the Client page, and then the close the list as normal.

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