ASCII Codes - Uncover the Secrets of ASCII Codes in SapphireOne

ASCII Codes Overview

This gives a brief description to ASCII codes that are referred to in a number of areas within other articles.

ASCII – short for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. 

All keys on the keyboard have can be referred to by128 decimal numbers ranging from zero to 128. 

The Extended ASCII Character Set also consists of 128 decimal numbers and ranges from 129 through 255 representing additional special, mathematical, graphic, and foreign characters. 

ASCII Codes Entry in SapphireOne

In SapphireOne these are entered as a three-number decimal group. 

It is impossible to tell the program that you want for example in POS, the return key to open the till. But by entering the ASCII decimal number (013) in this case in SapphireOne it can then identify the correct key and respond to it as instructed. 

The two main ones used are 009 (Tab Key) and 013 (Return key). 

In SapphireOne it is not necessary to use the leading zeros so simply entering a 9 or 13 will do. 

Some other keys of interest are: 

009 Tab  028 Cursor Right  048–057 0–9 (Numbers) 
010 Line feed  029 Cursor Left  065–090 A–Z (Capitals) 
011 Home  030 Cursor Up  097–122 a – z (Normal) 
013 Carriage Return  031 Cursor Down 
032 Space 

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