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Reports and Dashboards Palette Overview

The SapphireOne Reports Palette Reports provides reports on Orders, Invoices and Purchases from Inventory mode. The following section in the palette is titled Dashboards where a SapphireOne user can create a new Dashboard providing the SapphireOne user access to all data table and fields within SapphireOne that the user has ability to access. This is controlled by the SapphireOne user Setup and the user has the ability to create their own graphical dashboards based on a series of matrixes. The next Dashboards are Clients, Client Total, Closure Ratings, Employee Engagement Index, Income Statement, Inventory Quote, Sales Rep – this will be available if the SapphireOne user has been setup as a Sales Representative, Sales Pipeline, Test Dashboard, Top 10 Moving Inventory Items and Top 10 Selling Inventory Items.

The SapphireOne Reports Palette Reports has two groups. The first group contains three commonly used reports that are also available from within the function that creates them in a new data file, the second group normally only contains the single item New Dashboard. 


Users should be aware that any items or transactions opened using the Palette will be locked to other users on the network. Those users will be allowed read only privileges and will be unable to modify the data entry item currently opened by using the Palette options. 

The Bondi Blue demonstration data file has had two dashboards created, Closure Rating and Sales Pipeline as examples for the Bondi Blue Company. The two items just below the New Dashboard option and will only be displayed when SONE0 logs in to the Bondi Blue data file. These two items are now SONE0’s Dashboard items. Any Dashboards created by a user will be listed in this palette. 

Shortcut Alternate Access / Article Link
Orders Inventory / Sales / Orders
Invoices Inventory / Sales / Invoices
Purchases Inventory / Purchases / Purchase Orders
New Dashboard This function is only accessible from the Reports palette.

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