Data Entry Palette

Data Entry Palette Overview

The SapphireOne Data Entry Palette Data Entry is the third blue icon, which is a piece of paper with a plus symbol in the bottom right hand corner. By clicking on this icon you will be able to select a range of the most commonly used Data Entry screens in Accounts mode, Inventory mode and Job Projects mode. Following on, there are two additional Data Entry modes at the bottom of the palette titled Leave Request for employees to populate their own leave requests, and PDF capture, which allows both Vendor Invoices (VI) and Order Client Invoices (OCI) to be dragged and dropped. All data entry as well as the Document Management is created from the drag-and-drop feature within PDF capture. 

The Data Entry Palette Data Entry is almost entirely made up of data entry functions. For your convenience these have been listed in four groups as follows: Accounting, Inventory, Job Projects and Workbook.

Data Entry

Users should be aware that any items or transactions opened using the Palette will be locked to other users on the network. Other users will be allowed read only privileges and will be unable to modify the data entry item currently opened by using the Palette options. 

Shortcut Alternate Access / Article Link
Client Receipt – CR Accounts / Receivables / Client Receipt
Client Invoice – CI Accounts / Receivables / Client Invoice
Client Credit – CC Accounts / Receivables / Client Credit
Client Journal – CJ Accounts / Receivables / Client Journal
Client Refund – CF Accounts / Receivables / Client Refund
Vendor Payment – VP Accounts / Payables / Vendor Payment
Vendor Invoice – VI Accounts / Payables / Vendor Invoice
Vendor Credit – VC Accounts / Payables / Vendor Credit
Vendor Journal – VJ Accounts / Payables / Vendor Journal
Vendor Refund – VF Accounts / Payables / Vendor Refund
General Ledger Journal – GJ Accounts / General Ledger / General Ledger Journal
Money Receipt – MR Accounts / Receivables / Money Receipt
Money Payment – MP Accounts / Payables / Money Payment
Quote Client Invoice – QCI Inventory / Sales / Quote Client Invoice
Order Client Invoice – OCI Inventory / Sales / Order Client Invoice
Sales Client Invoice – SCC Inventory / Sales / Sales Client Invoice
Requisition Vendor Invoice – RVI Inventory / Purchases / Requisition Vendor Invoice
Order Vendor Invoice – OVI Inventory / Purchases / Order Vendor Invoice
Purchase Inwards Goods Journal – PGJ Inventory / Purchases / Purchase Inwards Goods Journal
Purchase Vendor Invoice – PVI Inventory / Purchases / Purchase Vendor Invoice
Purchase Vendor Credit – PVC Inventory / Purchases / Purchase Vendor Credit
Resource Time Sheet – RS Job Projects / Resources / Resource Time Sheet
Job Project Time Sheet – PR Job Projects / Resources / Job Project Resource Time Sheet
Open Time Sheet – RS Job Projects / Resources / Open Time Sheet
Inventory Allocation Journal – JGJ Job Projects / Inventory / Inventory Allocation Journal
Job Project Client Invoice – JCI Job Projects / Job Projects / Job Project Client Invoice
Job Project Client Credit – JCC Job Projects / Job Projects / Job Project Client Credit
Leave Request Workbook / General / Leave Request
PDF Capture Workbook / General / PDF Capture

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