Subset Filtering - Efficiently Filter and Prepare Transaction Results

Show Subset

After your selection has been made, select Show Subset in the Options menu. SapphireOne will then remove all records that were not selected/highlighted and leave the selected records in the reduced list.

The result of this example following the application of ‘Show Subset’ will be as follows.

Show Last Set

Selecting the Show Last Set option will tell SapphireOne to show the last list that was displayed prior to the application of a filter option within the current Transaction/Inquiry list.

Show All

Selecting the Show All option will tell SapphireOne to show all records as it did when the list is first displayed to the user. 

Omit Subset

This option is the reverse of the Show All option. The Selected records will have been removed from the resulting list 

Save Set

By default subset filtering will not be retained when a list is closed. Save set will allow the user to retain their filtered results. You can save a single filtered list per inquiry screen per user. This saved set will remain saved for the user for the duration of the logged in session. This can be replicated across every Inquiry or Transaction screen. A unique set can be saved by the user for each screen.

Load Set

If the user has saved a set before closing their filtered Inquiry or Transaction Inquiry screen, this list can be reopened using the Load Set command from the SapphireOne Options menu. This will be retained for the duration of the logged in session only. The user has the ability to reload sets from every single Inquiry and Transaction Inquiry screen when that set has been saved.

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