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The SapphireOne Find feature provides a facility for running simple queries on your SapphireOne primary tables. The Find editor is the default query for any Inquiry SapphireOne screen.

The Find facility is the first and simplest of four search related features provided by SapphireOne to meet the exacting needs of the user from simple to advanced searches.

The Find facility allows the user to search on indexed fields within the table you currently reside. It provides two sets of queries and parameters that are run in succession to filter down your result.

When selected from the options menu Find displays a pop up dialog box. This allows a search to be performed by using a broad selection of criteria which will alter depending on the function that the find option is selected from within. 

This may also be activated by using the Command F on MacOS or Control F on Windows keyboard shortcut. The Find function example below was accessed from within a Vendor Transaction. 

This feature provides the provision for the selection of three criteria. Two of which can be refined. The options are configured as follows:

  1. The selection drop down menu will be set by default to a Standard Selection for each function this menu will include different list of relevant options. The options seen below are from a General Ledger Inquiry. For this function those options are Standard Selection, Active Only and All Records.
  • Either of the two rows can be used. If both are used they are run consecutively. If for example your Vendor ID was ‘Amex’, and the criteria in the second row was type ‘VI’ then it would show all the Records for Amex but only the VI’s for Amex vendor.
  • Once the user has selected a field they then have the ability to say the value is greater than 100.00 and less than 110.00. This would then produce a list of all transactions that are between those two values.
  • If the method chosen is Between, the second field is made active and these two fields can be used to define a range. For example Between A and C or between 11 and 33.
  • An exact value may be entered in the fields or the “@” or “?” symbols may be entered as all or part of an ID. This will display all records in SapphireOne. 

There are five buttons across the bottom of the Find facility, these include:

  • Detailed Query – Upon selection a pop up dialog will be displayed which provides advanced options for filtering the results. Further details are outlined on SapphireOne Detailed Query function.
  • Query By Text –  Upon selection a pop up dialog will be displayed. This enables a simple text search to be performed on the fields in the table as listed. 
  • Cancel – The button will cancel the current find operation. 
  • Find In Selection – The will tell SapphireOne to execute the current find selection in the currently listed records only. 
  • Find – Selecting the button will tell SapphireOne to execute the currently set up find function on all records.

Both the first and second options selected as well as the selection made from the formula drop down menu will be maintained as a default. Please note that there is an option in the users master record to disable this behaviour. To do this go to Utilities > Controls > User Access Inquiry.

You can review our Blog and YouTube channel for additional information and resources on SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software.

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