Advanced Find - Unlock Advanced Data Filtering and Sorting

Advanced Find Overview

SapphireOne Advanced Find provides a facility for running sophisticated queries on your SapphireOne tables and fields. This query editor is the last of the four featured queries SapphireOne provides, accessible from Options > Advanced Find, for filtering your data. For all intents and purposes Advanced Find is the same as a Detailed Query with the additional option to sort the tables and fields alphabetically.

Advanced Find looks for records matching the criteria specified in your query and returns a selection of records for a given table query changes the current selection of a table for the current process and makes the first record of the new selection the current record.

Initially SapphireOne only displays a single line in the Advanced Find function and the + and – buttons are used to add or delete lines as required. 

The user should note that the Advanced Find function only has the table and fields associated with the current list that is currently displayed on screen, available for selection by the user. 

Save & Load – All Advanced Finds that are set up may be Saved and reloaded at a later time by selecting these buttons as required. 

Sort Alphabetically – SapphireOne displays the fields initially in the order in which they were created. however if this checkbox is selected SapphireOne will alter the list to display them alphabetically. 

To configure an Advanced Find.

  1. Select a field from the list. Remember to select a Value for the fields above.
  2. Click on the Condition column and select a Condition from the drop down menu. There are seven options which can be clarified using the following examples.
    • Equals – The value equals 111
    • Not Equals – The value is not equal to 333
    • Contain – The name contains ‘Apple’
    • Does Not Contain – The name does not contain ‘Smith’
    • Greater Than – The amount is greater than 3,330,000.00
    •  Less Than or Equal To – The amount is less than or equal to 100.00
    • Greater Than or Equal To – The amount is greater than or equal to 50
  3. When two or more lines are added to the Advanced Find function the user has the option of using the And or Or conjunction operators in the first column. A Comparison Operator is a query on two or more fields. This is called a compound query. When you do a compound query, you combine separate queries using a conjunction operator. The conjunction operator tells SapphireOne how to combine the results of the individual queries.
  4. Find – Once the lines have been set up the user has the option of selecting Find resulting in operations to be performed across all applicable records in the data file.
  5. Find In Selection – Selecting this option will result in SapphireOne only performing the find function for those records currently in the list displayed. 

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