Activity Queue - Achieve More by Deferring Transactions in SapphireOne

Activity Queue Overview

When Activities from other functions within SapphireOne are Processed SapphireOne provides an option to process these transactions at a later time.

Normally when Posting transactions, SapphireOne will begin the posting process immediately. 

However, if there is a load on the server there is an option to delay this process to a later.

To view a list of these transactions that are to be processed at a later time select the activity queue option from the file menu.

All processes are queued ready to go, and when selected they are acted upon. 

Once the ‘Process Later’ check box is selected the process is sent to the Activity Queue. Until the activity queue is accessed and the activity selected for processing the activity will NOT be processed or actioned on. 

For transactions to be listed in the Activity Queue, the Process Later selection must be made when initially posting transactions, or printing reports.

Selecting the Activity Queue item brings up a Dialog Box displaying activities that have been processed and placed in readiness for further action. Select an item on the list by clicking on it. A ‘Tick for Mac‘ for MacOS or a ‘+PC will be displayed to the left of the item indicating that the item has been selected. 

To remove an item from the list, highlighting the activity will cause SapphireOne to display the date and time the activity was initially Saved in the lower section of the screen. 

To control the order that the items on the list will be processed, move the item up or down the list by clicking highlighting the item then use the Arrow boxes on the right side by the scroll bar. 

When you have completed your selection, select the ‘Process’ button and SapphireOne will perform the requested procedure immediately. 

Deleting Items in the Activity Queue

As above selecting / highlighting an item in the list, SapphireOne will place a ‘Tick for Mac‘ for MacOS or a ‘+PC to the left of the item. When the ‘Delete’ button is pressed, the marked item/s will be removed from the queue. However, any Transaction that is listed for posting will not be allowed to be removed from the queue. 

Once you have selected those activities you wish to action click on the button. SapphireOne will then process the selected items in the chosen order and the close the Activity Queue screen. 

Any actions deleted will not be listed when the Activity Queue screen is reopened. 

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