Hire Client Invoice

Hire Client Invoice Overview

The Hire Client Invoice screen is the second item on the SapphireOne Inventory Mode Point Of Sale (POS) Menu. The Hire Client Invoice (HCI) function allows users to search and select a client and inventory items that the client wishes to hire. Once an inventory item is added to the Hire Client Invoice screen, the duration of the hire can be selected and the rate, bond, tax and total cost will be automatically generated.

The HCI screen also allows the user to enter a Rep ID and a Till Persons ID. When paying by cash, the HCI gives the user the ability to enter an amount and SapphireOne POS will tell the operator how much change is required and the denominations of that change. Once a HCI is posted it is converted to a Client Invoice (CI) and a Client Receipt (CR) and the inventory stock levels are automatically updated.

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