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Post Transactions Overview

Transactions Overview

Throughout all Modes within SapphireOne, the Post Transactions function presents a window which contains all current transactions awaiting posting listed in date order. The Post Transactions screen is contained within Process, which is the third set in the Receivables drop down. Activities conducted here using this Post Transactions function will carry the transactions through to a Posted Transaction which is un-modifiable updating all linked records.

This Post Transactions function screen lists all the un-posted transactions entered in this menu item for the current or prior periods. 

For all modes in SapphireOne, select the required item(s) to post by clicking on them with the mouse or use the buttons, Mark All or Unmark All. Alternatively you can use the ‘Shift’ Click to select a range of records and that will mark them or the ‘Command’ Click for MacOS or ‘Ctrl’ Click for Windows option individual transactions. Once the required transactions have been selected a tick will appear on MacOS or a plus on Windows beside the transaction that you have selected for posting. Use the Process button to post all items on the screen or alternately open the right click context menu on individual transactions and select Post. Selection of either Individual or All of the transactions will increment the Batch Total in the bottom left corner.

A small (Mac) or a + (PC) will appear on the right-hand side of each items line as they are marked.
To remove a or + click on the item again. To remove all marks select the Unmark All button.
All Marked items will then be processed. 

Selecting the Look button allows the viewing of the details of any transaction currently highlighted. In addition, documents may be added to the transaction while the transaction is open for viewing. 

Once the items are Posted they can not be un-posted and no further alterations can be made to Posted Transactions. The one exception is a transaction can be modified using the Custom Modify tool. If there is a Work Flow and the transaction is not approved or pending approval the transaction will error and will not permit posting. Alternatively, if the transaction has a tag of Hold it will not be selectable for posting.

Once you have selected the Process button, SapphireOne will display an alert. This alert has a number of check boxes in an Options area that allows you to Print an Audit Trail and to process either in the background or at a later time. The Process Later option may be viewed by going to: Accounts > File > Activity Queue.

  • Selecting the Process In Background checkbox may reduce the speed of SapphireOne while this function is being performed but will allow you to continue working within SapphireOne concurrently.
  • Once the Process button is selected, the items here are Posted they can not be un-posted and no alterations can be made to Posted Transactions.
  • The one exception is a transaction can be modified using the Custom Modify tool.

Error Codes

Transactions may fail to post due to an error. Below is a list of Common Error Codes.

P: Locked Period L: Locked Record C: Invalid control account
PJ: Project required PER: Period error WF: Workflow Authorisation Required

To locate the error on the Transaction..

  1. Select a Transaction Inquiry from the current respective menu.
  2. Find the Transaction in the list.
  3. Select Modify or Look 

You will find basic information on the error in the Controls Tab area and the Error Code will be displayed.

More details on the error may be found using the Error Code Tab that is displayed in the transaction in the top right-hand corner of the respective transaction.

Some transactions may display multiple errors. In this case, they will be listed with additional information under this tab.

Post on Right Click and Post from Tools menu

Posting of transactions can also be performed within Transaction Inquiry screens if the user has the required default turned on.

  • Post on Right Click – When this checkbox is selected the user will be enabled to right mouse click on a transaction within Transaction Inquiry, and will be presented with a drop down which is Modify, Look and Post.
  • Post from Tools – When the Tools drop down is selected, the user will be able to select the process, and contained within process is Post Transactions. It is advisable before using this tool to select a subset of records using the options menu show subset, alternatively the keyboard command ‘Command G’ for MacOS and ‘Ctrl G’ for Windows. Once you have your subset ‘Command A’, which is Select All on MacOS or ‘Ctrl A’ on Windows, or use the menu drop down options Select All, right mouse click and there you will be able to go to Tools, Process and Post Transactions.

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