Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials (BOM) Overview

When building any new Bill of Materials item from your Inventory, you must use a Base Inventory Inquiry to create the Inventory item that you want to build. The inventory items that are listed on the screen will make up the Bill of Materials.

A Bill of Materials Inventory can be made up of the various SapphireOne Inventory types – being normal, non-diminishing, serial, batch, item or activity, etc. For example, a Bill of Materials for a bicycle would consist of the real Inventory items used for its assembly (such as the frame, wheels, pedals) and labour. The bicycle itself would be the complete Bill of Materials. 

Bill of Materials (BOM)

The Bill of Materials screen lists the individual items that make up the Bill of Materials and their respective links.

By selecting a line item you have the ability to View additional information relating to the item, such as Cost and Class.

Modifications to links can be made by navigating to Inventory > Inventory > Inventory. By going to the Build Lines Page of the Inventory item you may modify the individual items that go to make up the Bill of Materials.

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