Build Order Journal

Build Order Journal Overview

The Build Order Journal function is the third item on the SapphireOne Inventory Data Entry menu, and is used to assemble a number of Base Inventory items that go to make up a Built Inventory Item. This Build Order Journal function is to all intents and purposes identical to the Build Journal.

For example, you know that you will require a number of built items at some point in the future to fill a Client Order (OCI). This could be days, weeks or perhaps a month in the future. The biggest problem you will have is if you will have sufficient inventory stock to build the items when you are ready to raise the OCI.

How to create a Build Order Journal

  • When a Build Journal is created, stock is not allocated until it is actually posted. 
  • When this Build Order Journal is created and saved, Inventory stock is immediately allocated to this transaction. 
  • If any Inventory items are short of stock SapphireOne will display this as a backorder component on the inventory items first page. 
  • SapphireOne will save this transaction as OGJ, allocating the stock without having any effect on your general Ledger accounts. 
  • The user may then check stock levels and ensure that the stock levels are sufficient when the Build Order Journal is converted to a Build Journal. 
  • Once you are ready there is a “Convert to Build” check box at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Once this is selected and then saved this OGJ will be converted to a standard built item a BGJ.

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