04-4D License Activation & Management

Automatic activation new 4D versions

IT managers please note that the SapphireOne server will have to be allowed to connect to the 4D server and verify that it has a paid-up license as documented below.

Licenses keys as such are no longer required from 4D as they have moved to the same system as Apple with the Mac, and recently Microsoft with Windows 8 and now Windows 11. The two operating systems dial out on the internet to an Apple or Microsoft server, and check that they have been installed with a paid license.
4D is now the same, but if this procedure has not been used before the old licenses will still have to be on the machine the first time that an automatic license activation is performed. When we installed SapphireOne onto a brand-new Mac, we had to get the old licenses and place them on the new Mac in the correct location in a hidden directory.
The SapphireOne user should be aware that, if in future, the system boots to the old license key activation process, it probably means that some path to the 4D server on the internet is busy. Just wait a few minutes and try again.

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