Depreciation Service Return

Depreciation Service Return Overview

The SapphireOne Depreciation Service Return assists in tracking all Assets that require periodic servicing as part of their normal usage. For example, motor vehicles which require servicing or maintenance at a regular interval.

The Depreciation Service Return is located at Assets > Assets > Depreciation Service Return.

Assets Area

The only requirement for data entry in this area is to enter the ID of the item that the Depreciation Service Return is being created for it. SapphireOne will then display the name of the Asset immediately below the ID.

Additional information on the item may be viewed by selecting one of the four tabs in the tab area. These tabs display as follows.

  • Transactions – Lists all depreciation transactions that have been created for this item.
  • General Ledger – Displays the General Ledger accounts that are linked to this item.
  • Asset – Displays basic details about the item.
  • Controls – Displays additional details about the item.

Notes Area

Any Notes that are required may be entered in this area. The user can select the Green Clock Icon to add a Time and Date stamp to the Notes. The user also has the ability to highlight the text in the Notes area and right mouse click to customise the Font, Style, Colour and Background Colour to their preference.

Service Area

  • Service Date – Enter the date of the next service for the item.
  • Tag – A tag may be entered by the user. This list of tags may be created by the user as required.
  • Date Due Back From Service – Enter the data that the item is to be returned after servicing.
  • Next Service Date – Enter the data of the next service for the item.
  • Units To Next Service – If the Next Service is given in units, Assets will use the estimated usage to calculate a service date. When the asset is due back and when it is due to be next serviced, can be tracked in the Asset Management Reports.
  • Projects – If a Project is entered here and depreciation is run, it will then be linked to the Depreciation Expense Account.

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