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Show Reports Overview

The SapphireOne ‘Show Reports’ functionality gives you the ability to report dynamically on all your Accounts Receivables data within the SapphireOne interface. Rather than creating a PDF report or printing a hard copy as we have seen in the other four Accounts Receivables reporting options – Details, Balances, Transactions, Statements –  the Show Reports function allows you to pick your criteria and create an interactive report in real-time on your screen. 

Show Reports Page

Show Reports Options

Users can choose how they would like to organise their report by selecting their preferences in the dropdown ‘Query’ and ‘Display’ fields at the top of the reporting window.

Query Field

The Query Field contains the Depart Popup Menu, the To field box and the Query Button.

Depart Popup Menu

The ‘Depart’ drop-down menu gives you the ability to choose from ‘All’ departments to individual ones.

To Field Box

Users can enter the end period for the balance report here. This box can be automatically populated with the current date by selecting the Use Period button in the bottom left of the screen.

Query Button

The Query Button provides users with a dedicated query function that allows for searching reports for virtually anything that is in the data file.

Display Field

The Display Field contains the Grouping, Sort, Column By and Breaking Popup Menus plus Sort by Greater Than or Less Than (< or >) and Recalculate Button.

Grouping Popup Menu

By selecting Grouping, you can select how you would like your clients to be displayed in the report – by ID, Class, Department, Area, State, Customisable Tags, or by Quotes.

Sort Popup Menu

There is also an option to ‘Sort’ the list ascending or descending by selecting the > button just to the right of the data entry field. The direction of the > on the button will indicate the sort order.

Column By Popup Menu

The ‘Column’ can also be sorted by ‘Aged’ debtors or the individual client ‘Terms’.

Breaking Popup Menu

The Breaking Popup Menu allows users to select None or Transaction Details in order to break up the report menu.

Recalculate Button

Upon entry the Recalculate Button must be selected so that SapphireOne will do an initial calculation for the default settings in the report. When any changes are made it must also be selected so SapphireOne can re-calculate the report using the new selections as made by the user.

Report Buttons

There are several buttons at the bottom of the Show Reports Page that allow for automated use of the current period, cancelling, exporting and printing of the current report.

  • Use Period – Selecting this button will automatically fill the “To” Field box with the current date or period.
  • Cancel – Selecting this button will cancel the processing of the current Report.
  • Export to HTML – Selecting this button will export the current Report as a HTML file.
  • Export to CSV – Selecting this button will export the current Report as a CSV file.
  • Print – Selecting this button will open the printing interface for the current report.

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